Lawmakers cancel One Cent Tax on SMS Calls

Members of the House of Representatives have unanimously voted to cancel the one cent tax recently placed on all GSM voice calls in Liberia.

The controversial one cent tax on voice calls was greeted by massive public outcry when the House passed into law.

A communication from the House’s joint committees on Judiciary, Post and Telecommunications and Ways Means and Finance, said the lawmakers repealed the law following consultations with various stakeholders, including GSM companies.

House’s deputy chief clerk Seefur Geeplay read the communication during the lawmakers’ sitting on Tuesday.

The Bill that subjecting  every caller or phone consumer within Liberia to pay US$0.01 (US One Cent) per minute on all calls was passed by the House of Representative on December 13, 2016 and sent to the Upper House of the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

The tax regime was an amendment of an existing tax law under the Liberia Revenue Code (LRC).

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