Dr. Barnes quits CDC, says he’s focus on principal not populist approach

Former Finance Minister under the Taylor’s regime, Ambassador Nathaniel Barnes, has walked out of the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC.

A press statement issued here Wednesday says Ambassador Barnes has already presented his letter of resignation to the Coalition’s Chairman, Nathaniel McGill.

Barnes did not say why he resigned, but only said he remains engaged with the political process with his focus on strong principles rather than a populist approach.

Ambassadors Barnes, founder of the defunct Destiny Party, contested the Liberian presidency in 2005.

Barnes, formerly of the NPP, was among many prominent politicians, including former U.P. stalwart, Toga Gayweah McIntosh and former Speaker J. Alex Tyler that ran to the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC during its formative stage.

News of his resignation from the CDC was first reported on social media on Wednesday. Below is a highlight from Dr. Barnes’s letter of resignation:

“I have served as a public servant of Liberia for almost 20 years; my concern for the welfare of the Liberian people transcends my ambition to be President”. ” Above all, I am concerned about the social and economic well-being of all Liberians based on a foundation of reconciliation, justice, fairness, equity and prosperity for all”. “Not only do Liberian people deserve the very best from their elected leaders.” I believe they are able to discern what is best for themselves. They will determine their own destiny. I am fervently praying for the best outcome for the people”.

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