Strange Disease Kills Nine in Sinoe County


At least nine persons, including a health worker, have reportedly died under strange circumstances in Greenville City, Sinoe County.

FARBRIC correspondent Ezekiel Geeplay said health authorities in the county are yet to establish the cause of death.

The victims suffered from severe stomach pain before succumbing to death, FARBRIC correspondent in the county asserted.

Police in the county say it’s investigating circumstances that led to the mysterious death of five females and four males. The corpses of the victims have been deposited at the Francis J Grant Memorial Hospital in Greenville.

Reports emanating from Greenville say the deceased attended the repasts of one Edwin Dunbar, former Proprietor of One Family Entertainment Center, who died in Greenville few weeks ago.

Health Ministry official confirmed on Tuesday morning that seven persons have died of a strange disease in Sinoe County, South Eastern Liberia.

Deputy Health Minister Dr. Francis Kateh says blood specimens from the dead have been tested at a laboratory and results show that they did not died of Ebola.

Authorities in the county have already isolated all those who came in contact with the dead and officers of the Liberia National Police have been deployed in the streets of Greenville with mega phones, calling on those who ate the repasts to report themselves.

Health authorities has cautioned residents throughout the country to continue the Ebola measures outlined by the health ministry, which include washing hands frequently and informing health authorities about sick persons and dead bodies in their communities.

The ministry also advised residents to report to health authorities sicknesses like stomach ache, running stomach and vomiting, among others.

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