Woman, 36 Jailed for Stealing Baby

A Magisterial Court in River Gee County has sent to jail, a 36-year old woman on allegation of stealing a one week-three days old baby.

Suspect Mammie Doe was arrested by police in Fish Town last week in possession of a child, who mysteriously disappeared from in the commercial City of karweaaken on April 12.

The suspect initially told police investigation that she bought the baby from her mother.

Mammie Doe said she and the Baby’s mother, identify as ‘Little Secret’ were in business and that she gave Little Secret 30,000 Liberian Dollar for her first born.

But when she appeared in court on Monday, Mammie confessed to the Magistrate that she used a little boy to steal the one-week-three-day old baby.

She said a little boy residing in the same community with ‘Little Secret’ entered the room, took the baby up from the bed he was lying on, and pass him through the window to her.

The Magistrate pronounced suspect Mammie Doe  guilty for kidnapping and forwarded her to the Fish Town Central Prison, waiting May 2017 Term of Court.

Meanwhile, the baby and her mother were on Monday taken to the Fish Town Referral Hospital by River Gee County Attorney for medical treatment.

Attorney Wesseh A. Wesseh said the child and her mother needed medical checkup, after days in police custody.

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