‘Dr. Joseph Milton recommits support to WIPNET women’

October 11, 2016(Monrovia – Liberia) The President of Alfalit International, Dr. Joseph Milton Tuesday renewed his commitment to working with the Women in Peace Building Network, (WIPNET) when he paid a one day visit at the women peace hut near fish market in Monrovia.

Dr. Milton greeted by huge celebrations of songs and dances, told the WIPNET women that as long Alfalit Liberia is still in Liberia, they will continue to receive help from him through Rev. Emmanuel Giddings and Alfalit Liberia.

According to the Alfalit’s executive, helping the women of WIPNET address pressing needs for the greater good of their contribution to Liberia he and Rev. Emmanuel Giddings are willing to continue and will concretize the relationship they stated since 2008 with WIPNET by committing to give the women another bus to replace their damaged bus given them by him in 2011.

Dr. Joseph Milton’s latest commitment to the group came Tuesday following a formal plead by Madam Bernice Freeman, advocacy officer of WIPNET for a replacement of their bus that was purchased by Dr. Milton more about 5 years ago that have since lived its value making them unable to move faster in their advocacy work.

Announcing the, donation, Dr. Milton and Rev. Giddings said the bus will be purchased here in Monrovia and turned over to the group praising the relationship between WIPNET and Alfalit Liberia as no mistake recognizing their contribution to bringing peace in Liberia.

“I heard you say the bus Alfalit bought you some 2011has damaged and you need something to move around, we will replace the bus. So yes, we will replace it with another” Dr. Milton assured the women of WIPNET Tuesday.

Meanwhile the coordinator of WIPNET Madam Delphine Morris thanked Dr. Milton for his financial support to Alfalit Liberia that has made more than half of the illiterate in the organization to read, write and sign their own names.

“We struggled in the rain and the sun to bring peace to this country. Some of our friends died in the process, while some got blind; however finally peace came through our instrumentality.

“With all what we did for this country, nobody recognized us in this country, but Alfalit Liberia and Alfalit International in 2008 that has always been there for us adding value to our lives and helping whenever we need help.

We want to say God bless Dr. Milton, Rev. Giddings and Alfalit International for all the support” Said madam Delphine Morris.

Dr. Milton is in Liberia on a 10 day visit to offer more support to the Liberia-Ghana Missions and Alfalit Liberia and as well assess the impacts of the both organizations in the lives of Liberians.

His visit is also intended to strengthen partnership with the government, stakeholders and individuals. And it comes just at the time Alfalit-Liberia is celebrating its 10 years of dedicated service to youths and adult literacy in Liberia since 2006.

Alfalit International Liberia is the biggest literacy movement in Liberia. An NGO that provides community and human development services, mainly Literacy, teaching youths and adults how to read and write and as well provides  job skills for its thousands of beneficiaries.

Alfalit Liberia currently operates 83 literacy centers in 5 counties with over 6,444 students this 2016 in its 5 operating counties: Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Bong, Bomi and Margibi Counties.


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